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Progress Tracker is to keep track of each person’s tasks and know what we’re working on.

Email List

This holds our entire email list (newly created).

Member Information

This holds information on all our currently active members. 

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This folder is used for holding information regarding the app development project + resources for lesson plans over cs/finance.

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This folder is used for Leaf organization information. Holds resources on contact information, event planning, organization budgets/fundraising, and access to our media. Also has all our google forms.

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This folder is used for keeping all our our meeting notes and member updates. Meant as a record of our progress/ideas.

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This folder is to hold the information of our past folders. 

Useful Direct Folder Links

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Holds all of our photos taken for each event.

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Holds all of our Leaf officer meeting notes.


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Holds all usernames + passwords to social media platforms.

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The template used for event planning. Used by Media/Events head to plan event tasks and Secretary to take notes.

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The template used for planning out fundraising events. Used by treasurer to create tasks for fundraisers.

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This is the template used for creating officer meeting notes. 

Work Flows

Every week after the planned Friday event: Officer meeting at 4:30pm

Vice President leads meeting + takes notes HERE

  1. Secretary leads talk about what should be included in weekly update
    • Secretary will send out in email form and update website
  2. Event/Media head leads talk about upcoming events
    • Giving out tasks for events and brainstorming
    • Take notes in the event document made for whichever event
  3. Treasurer leads talk about upcoming fundraisers
    • Giving out tasks for fundraiser and brainstorming
    • Take notes in the fundraising document made for whichever fundraiser
  4. App Dev Lead discusses project updates
  5. President discusses any other topics necessary
  6. As a group plan the early week Officer Meting

Time/date decided at previous Friday meeting

Meeting agenda created by Vice President HERE

Secretary taking meeting notes in same document

Event/Media head prepares event planning document HERE

The planning document should be filled out completely before the Friday officer meeting at least a week before the event itself

  1. Planning document finished
  2. Reserve the space
  3. Poster created
  4. Send out information (depending on how much you want to advertise the event)
    • Ask Elsa to send out email about event (
    • Post on instagram
    • Be on the weekly engineering events email 
    • Be on honors college announcements
    • Ask WiCS to give a shoutout 
      • Email their VP Darlene ( and
    • Put up posters
  5. Buy everything necessary for the event

Treasurer prepares fundraising event planning document HERE

Planning document should be completely filled at least one month before the event itself (depending on event size)

Officer Schedules

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