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Want to become a Leaf Chapter founder?

Leaf is continuously growing and expanding, join in on the journey! Bring the conversation about women in the stock market to your community. Starting your own organization at a university is not easy. But with our help, you can create a Leaf chapter in a few simple steps. We have all the resources you need to easily start up a chapter that you can call your own and join the Leaf family. 

Why start a Chapter?

Leadership Experience + Resume Building

Looking for an opportunity to grow your leadership and management skills?

Being an active part of the Movement

Look around, is there an active community of female investors in your area? Help push the movement for women's financial literacy.

How to start Chapter

Starting a Leaf chapter is as simple as submitting an application form! You will receive one-on-one assistance in starting your chapter, from how to gain members to running events. As long as you have the drive and interest in building a chapter, we will make sure it succeeds.

1. Fill out an application

Fill out a simple google form to apply to become a Leaf Chapter founder.

2. Initial meeting

A representative will reach out to you to schedule a zoom meeting.

3. Membership drive

Leaf will provide resources and support in getting your first couple members!

4. Become official

Start the process to become an official organization.

1. Application


  • being a full or part time student at an accredited university
  • having a time commitment of at least 3hrs/week
  • interested and supportive of Leaf’s mission


  • There is no requirement of a specific year in school, major, or experience
  • We want to encourage as many students from different universities to apply!
  • If you have a concern or question, we’re happy to help

2. Initial Meeting

After submitting an application, please wait 2-5 business days for an email response from one of our Leaf representatives. 

We will work with you to schedule a virtual meeting to discuss your interest in becoming a Leaf Chapter founder and important next steps. 

Please come to the meeting prepared with: 

  • your personal reason for wanting to start a chapter
  • a copy of your class/work schedule
  • a space at your university that you can reserve

3. Membership Drive

The first initial meeting will provide you a lot of information on how to start up your new chapter. 

The most important next step is beginning to gather your first members. This is as simple as reaching out to friends you think might be interested in joining, advertising through social media, or asking professors to send out information. 

Leaf will walk you through setting up your first membership drive<3

4. Become Official

After getting a couple members, the next big step is becoming an official organization at your university. Each university rules are different, but we will look through your university policy with you and begin the process. 

Most new organization registrations look like this: 

  1. Attending an orientation hosted by your university
  2. Creating a bylaws for your organization
  3. Finding an adviser to support the organization
  4. Submitting an application

Usually registration opens in the fall, but you can get started with your chapter at any time of the semester. 

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